Bahcesehir Koleji Fought Hard But It Wasn't Enough

Bahcesehir Koleji met Fenerbahce BEKO on the road for the ninth gameweek of the 2020 – 2021 ING Basketball Super League.

Bahcesehir Koleji started the game with Ismet Akpınar, Jamal Jones, Burak Can Yildizli, Peyton Aldridge ve Josh Owens five. The Red Dragons started with a strong defense and stayed in the game in first quarter (13 – 13).

In the second quarter, both teams had small runs and margins but at the end, they went to lockers with 26 – 25 Fenerbahce BEKO lead.

In the second half, Fenerbahce BEKO held a strong lead behind Bobby Dixon’s effective scoring and won the game with 70 – 56. This result means Bahcesehir Koleji lost its fourth game in the 2020 – 2021 ING Basketball Super League.

The Red Dragons will meet Galatasaray on 2nd of December after the national team break.