Euroleague Basketball Report On UNICS Kazan-Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul Shot Clock Reset

Following speculation surrounding a shot clock reset during the fourth quarter of the UNICS Kazan-Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul game played on October 6, 2020, Euroleague Basketball's findings are:

In the fourth quarter, with 27.3 left on the game clock, Alex Perez of Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul caught a live ball on the playing court. He dribbled towards the basket and with 18.0 left on the game clock attempted a two-point field goal. With 16.8 left on the game clock, the ball made contact with the ring, the shot clock continued to count down, and with 14.3 left on the game clock, Ridvan Oncel of Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul captured an offensive rebound. This was incorrect, as after the ball had touched the ring and Bahcesehir Koleji Istanbul had regained control of the ball, the Shot Clock Operator should have reset the shot clock to 14 seconds.